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India's First Biodegradable Pellets Manufacturing Company

GreenPlastTM water-soluble pellet technology is a breakthrough in everyday life.

We provide innovative, sustainable packaging solutions that completely deteriorates and dissolves in both cold and hot water. All products such as bags and films are made through extrusion process of our GreenPlastTM pellets made from industrial starch, Poly Vinyl Alcohol and  vegetable oil derivatives and other non-plastic additives. These products are non-toxic to the environment, animals and plants. Green Tech Bio Products contains no conventional plastics at all.

GreenPlastTM pellets Can Be Blown In Normal Film Blowing machines WITHOUT aNY mODIFICATIONS.

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Benefits of GreenPlastTM Water Soluble Bags

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Soluble In Water

GreenPlastTM bags dissolve completely in water - both hot and cold , without leaving any traces.

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GreenPlastTM bags completely degrades when put in dirt (mud) due to the reaction of microorganisms.

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No Micro-Plastics

GreenPlastTM bags do not leave residue of microplastics as this is made out of non-plastic rawmaterial - GreenPlast Pellets.

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GreenPlastTM bags is harmless to aquatic life and other life on earth.It does not contain any harmful materials.

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Rainwater Resistant

GreenPlastTM hot water soluble bags withstand moderate rains for moderate time periods.

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Strong as Plastic

As main raw material is composed of Polyvinyl alcohol and industrial starch product, GreenPlastTM bags have good strength and have better elasticity as traditional bags.


The First Water-Soluble Biodegradable Pellets Manufacturer In India

GreenPlastTM   Brand – biodegradable, water soluble pellets, films and bags are products of Green Tech Bio Products. The only company in India that manufactures the raw material for biodegradable bags – the pellets – is Green Tech Bio Products. As the pellets are produced in India, the cost of the end product- biodegradable water-soluble films and bags is relatively low compared to those of other suppliers whose raw material is imported outside India.


GreenPlastTM Products Are Excellent Replacement Of Single-Use Plastic Bags

Discover the quality of our products and get the touch of our uniquely formulated biodegradable water-soluble GreenPlastTM pellets.

Our Sample Kit consists of a small package of the following items.

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