GreenPlast TM Water Soluble Laundry Bags

Our water soluble laundry bags dissolve completely in domestic and commercial washing machines. Our proprietary technology of cold and hot water soluble bags that dissolves in water leaving no traces reduces the risk of physical handling of hospital linen.

How Are GreenPlast Water Soluble Bags Different From Other Laundry Bags?

icon soluble

Excellent Solubility

Laundry can be processed safely, quickly and efficiently with less handling. Removes the need to open or empty bags before washing.

icon of colour variants

Available in Colors

We offer different size laundry bags in different colors. Colors such as green, pale green and transparent colors are available readily.

icon of leaves no residue

Leaves No Residue

Greenplast water soluble laundry bags dissolve instantly in the machine leaving no residue on linen or machine. Being strong, there is no need to double-bag.

icon of excellent transparency

Excellent transparency

Transparent bags are also available, for easy identification of contents.  Cold/Hot Water soluble laundry bags are best suited for usage during this COVID-19 pandemic.

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