GreenPlastTM Bio Bags

GreenPlast is proud to introduce hot-water soluble hot-water soluble bio bags. Can be used multiple times. When you have used the bag, it can be ecologically dissolved in hot water or thrown in mixed waste bin. Can be printed with your brand.

Looks like non-woven bags, dissolves in hot water (> 80* C). Truly eco-friendly and dissolves right in front of you within minutes.


Features of GreenPlastTM Bio Bags

image of greenplast fabric bags
icon of hot water solubility

Hot-water soluble

Dissolves in hot-water at 80* C

icon of Durable reusable

Durable and reusable

Can be used multiple times before its dissolved in hot-water

icon of Disintegrates

Disintegrates With 180 days

Naturally decomposes within 180 days in soil.

icon of availability of various thickness

Available In Different Thickness

Ranges from 25 GSM to 50 GSM

icon of printable


Your brand can be printed - single color to four color.


Insist, Hot Water Soluble GreenPlastTM Bio Bags

Its NOW or NEVER. Be the change and start using GreenPlast products to save our Mother Earth and our future generation. Never worry about Inability to understand if a product is truly biodegradable ever again. Watch the bags dissolve in front of your eyes within minutes.

If you think that you need to spend a lot of money to get water-soluble biodegradable bags, you need not worry. Our pricing works out to be the most affordable when compared to other suppliers in the industry. This is because we are the manufacturers of our raw material – GreenPlast Pellets and that in turn reduces the cost of our packaging solutions than the rest in the industry.

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Are you ready to be a part of our mission?

Let us FREE our earth from
single-use plastic.