GreenPlastTM Pellets - The Raw Material
For Water Soluble Films/Bags

The founder of Green Tech Bio Products took 5 years to modify Poly Vinyl Alcohol and Industrial starch and added certain non-plastic additives to make it easier for the material to be pelleted, blow-molded and made into bags.

image of greenplast coloured biodegradable pellets

How Is GreenPlast Pellet Different From Other Pellets?

icon of extrude
Undergoes Blow Extrusion

GreenPlast pellets can be converted into films using normal extrusion process , with NO SPECIFIC CHANGES IN THE BLOWING MACHINE.

icon of colour variants
Available in Colors

GreenPlast pellets are available in different colors. With these pellets, transparent bags as well as colored bags can be produced.

icon of shelf life
Shelf Life : 2 years

Greenplast Pellets have a shelf life of about 2 years, under specified conditions.

icon of hot cold water soluble
Available in Different variants

Three different variants of GreenPlast pellets are available. 1) Cold water soluble, 2) Warm water soluble and 3) Hot water soluble.

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